How to Become a Consultant
How to Start?
Start with us it's easy. Simply choose one of our kits and contact me. I'll explain it all to you and help make sure you start your PartyLite business well. You will not be alone. Once registered, you'll receive all the material you need, comprehensive personal training and a simple online support system at all times.

There are 3 kits:
  - Fast Kit. The ideal kit for a superfast start with PartyLite! Includes a selection of attractive products, literature and business tools for the small investment of £94.95 and you will start earning 20% profit immediately.
  - SmartKit. No investment and a mix of hand-selected pieces that explore and allow you to see what makes PartyLite so special! Includes attractive products, literature and business tools!
  - Join The Party Kite. This kit is a brand new way to get the Party started. Simple spend £19.95 and get all you need to hol a Find Your Signature Party!

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